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Is it Possible to Be
Intimate Friends with God?

You have wondered - is it possible to be intimate friends with God? I believe it is. But most of us stumble around for a long time before we have a comfortable relationship with God on His own terms. I have read, thought and prayed about this much in my lifetime, and am ready to share some of the things I've learned about an intimate, loving relationship with God. The best news is that He wants that more than we do!

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All of us have a longing to be understood and loved, to have someone better than us, validate us and say, "You are okay. You're doing fine. I like you just the way you are." However, if you are afraid of God you will have trouble feeling it is possible to be intimate friends with God.

We want someone to confide our deepest thoughts and secrets to, but it must be someone whom we can trust utterly, who will never disregard or despise us for things we say or do, and who will speak encouragement and hope into our lives. This is intimacy on a spiritual level.

You may be a very fortunate person; you grew up in a home where your parents adored you, and were very close to you, and you to them, and you felt completely safe to be yourself with them. Or you have (or had) a marriage where your spouse was wonderfully affirming and thought the world of you, and was your greatest secret-keeper. It made you feel so fulfilled and complete to be with that loved one. You might also have had - or hopefully still have - a tremendous friend! Those are all forms of intimacy that are healthy to us in every way.

The problem is - not everyone is so fortunate. I grew up in a home where my parents did not know how to express affection and affirmation outright. I had to learn to read it from them in other ways. My mother was sickly so often and so long, that it got to be a way of life for her, and my life involved taking on her chores in the home from the time I was a young girl, and then returning later in life to look after her in Mom's old age until she died November 11, 1997. When I read of other girls who could talk things over with their mothers, and go shopping together, I melted with envy.

For years I fantasized about a perfect husband. In a way I suppose those fantasies met a need for an intimate, understanding and loving companion. But the day came when I realized they were nothing but fantasies, and not prophecies. They would never come to pass.

Happily, I had also learned to pray as a girl of about nine, and carried on vivid internal conversations with a Lord and Best Friend, whom I knew to be always there, never putting me down, always ready to listen, no matter how much I had to say, and when I really listened to Him, or read His Word, I discovered that He spoke to me. Alway, ever so gently, when He had to rebuke me for turning down a wrong path, but mostly with love and encouragement and wisdom and strength to go on, and do what was right. It is only now, in later years, that I'm finally grasping how marvelous and wonderful that intimacy with Jesus Christ is! Deep down I've always believed it was possible to be intimate friends with God.

The best part is that He is quite capable of having such a precious relationship with you too. He has the capacity to do this with every individual in the world, who wants to walk and talk with Him as the dear old gospel song, In the Garden says. It has become a passion of mine to share this good news with others.

Yes! You can have this wonderful intimacy with Jesus too! A tailor-made relationship suited perfectly to you, and your needs, and the ways you can enjoy best. It won't be identical to mine, but it will be every bit as special!

You might think that you don't know just how to go about this. Especially if you've limped along without it so many years. That's why in this particular site, I'm focusing on articles to help show how this relationship can be developed, and how it works. I do hope these pages will be a rich blessing to you!

I've also written a novel to demonstrate what this kind of intimacy can be like. You can follow the heroine, Ruthe, around, and watch to see how it works out in her life. If you are hunger for this kind of intimacy, believe me, you would find this book a wonderful tonic to you! You ought to order it and read it!

Naturally then, some of my pages reveal how this shows up in Ruthe's Secret Roses, and offers explanations; Ruthe's worldview - as found in the novel.

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
The Responsible One

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